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This section contains descriptions of all the different factions that can be found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, as well as information regarding key persons and contacts - these may be giving out missions, trade weapons, armor and equipment, perform modifications or repairs, or just play a more active part in the game. Alot of "anonymous" stalkers have been left out because they don't provide missions nor crucial information. If I have missed something or someone important, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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BanditsBack to top
The abundance of precious artifacts has meant that a criminal element has become an ubiquitous addition to the Zone. The unfriendly environment of the Zone also means that many bandits find peace here to conduct their illegal activities away from the watchful eye of the law. They often prey on stalkers who are also their primary concern as their solidarity tends to be quite strong; due to the nature of bandits and their lack of respect for human life and values, there is often tension between these groups and intense fighting is very common between the two. Bandits usually stay clear of the many factions as their numbers and often superior equipment are an uneven match.
JackBack to top
Jack (Click to view large version)
Jack is the leader of a group of bandits hanging out at the Checkpoint in Jupiter. He was recently "kind" enough to loan some money to Vano, providing him with the funds to buy a new protective suit. However, the loan comes with a huge interest rate which Vano is now struggling to pay off - to the extend where he had to sell both his weapons and his new suit. You can help out Vano by either paying off the loan or take a more drastic approach to the situation. Jack carries an Eliminator shotgun, and once you've dealt with the debt (and Jack came out of it alive, that is) you may encounter him wandering around Jupiter.
KnucklesBack to top
Knuckles (Click to view large version)
Knuckles is working for Sultan doing most of his dirty work. You'll get a chance to work with him during The hit and possibly the follow-up mission, Transaction, given he survived the first mission.
While Knuckles is listed as a lone stalker in the game I've put him in the Bandits section since he really is Sultans right hand.
ShishakBack to top
Shishak (Click to view large version)
Shishak leads the bandits at the Container Warehouse in the south-western corner of Jupiter. While the bandits have often relied on threats and extortion to keep them supplied, they have recently upped the ante by taking stalkers hostage, demanding a ransom off their friends. This is what has happened to Mitay, who was unfortunate enough to get caught by the bandits when he was looking for loot on his own. You can help out his friends, Grizzly and Torba, by freeing Mitay from their clutches.
SultanBack to top
Sultan (Click to view large version)
Sultan is the leader of a bandit gang in Zaton. He can be found inside the Skadovsk where he is plotting to run Beard - one of the local traders and "founders" of the Skadovsk - out of business. He's got a number of optional missions available that will help him achieve his goal; if you are not compelled to help Sultan, you can turn things around by foiling his attempts thereby gaining the loyalty of Beard and local stalkers.
DutyBack to top
A paramilitary group known for its discipline, whose members live according to a strict code. Duty members are the only group who refuse to trade unique items from the Zone with the outside world. According to rumors, all artifacts found by the group are passed on to scientists. Its members consider protecting the outside world from the Zone's dangers their primary objective. Most of the group's operations concern destroying monsters, hence Duty raids often save normal stalkers from serious trouble. The faction has long been at war with Freedom.
A detachment of Duty members, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Shulga, are stationed at Yanov Station.
Lt. Col. ShulgaBack to top
Lt. Col. Shulga (Click to view large version)
Lt. Col. Shulga
Lieutenant Colonel Shulga is a dedicated member of the Duty faction, with a personal grudge against the Zone. Before he joined Duty he was a field officer who, along with a friend, came to the Zone to learn more about it; they ended up in "a real mess, wounded and bleeding", but were fortunate enough to be picked up by a squad of Duty members. Sadly his friend didn't make it, and with no one else to turn to, Shulga decided to join Duty - possibly intruiged by their goals and standards, something he is familiar with from his military background. Shulga is now leading the men stationed at Yanov Station.
MorganBack to top
Morgan (Click to view large version)
Morgan is secretly selling weapons and equipment from the Duty warehouse to bandits. Knowing that this is a dangerous affair, especially if discovered by his own faction, he makes his deals in Zaton. You can witness one of them if you finish The hit and then pick up the mission Transaction from either Sultan, Beard or Owl, depending on who you sided with. Morgan is carrying a PDA that contains quite valuable information, and giving the PDA to either Shulga or Loki is a requirement for the Friend of Duty and the Friend of Freedom achievements respectively; it can also be sold to Owl as a partial requirement of the Man of Balance achievement.
FreedomBack to top
Anarchists and daredevils who declare themselves fighters for a free access to the Zone and consequently find themselves in constant conflict with the army, military stalkers and the Duty faction. These so-called freedom warriors believe in sharing all information about the Zone with the rest of the world and challenge the state's monopoly over the Zone's secrets and wonders.
A group of Freedom members are located at Yanov Station under the leadership of Loki.
Magpie / FlintBack to top
Magpie / Flint (Click to view large version)
Magpie / Flint
Although Magpie does tell some funny stories, it's pretty obvious they are either made up or heavily modified to make himself look like something he's clearly not; his antics about how he met and defeated a Controller is short of hilarious. Sadly, he's not all about fun as he recently went hunting for artifacts along with Spliter, a local stalker. They went to the Quarry and managed to find an artifact; but after Splinter was badly injured by an anomaly, Magpie just took the artifact and left Splinter to die. Before that, during a trip to Zaton, he managed to convince Gonta and his crew to help him recover some loot inside a mutants lair. Being the lookout he got scared when a Chimera showed up, and he made off with all their loot, allowing the Chimera to attack and severely injure Crab; not something that Gonta could forgive, he's now looking for someone to track down Magpie.
You'll only meet Magpie once you've picked up the In search of Magpie mission from Gonta, and when you meet him he'll go by the name Flint.
LokiBack to top
Loki (Click to view large version)
Loki is a seasoned guest of the Zone and one of the few who has been a member of Freedom ever since the faction was formed. Loki is the commander of the Freedom group located at Yanov Station.
Uncle YarBack to top
Uncle Yar (Click to view large version)
Uncle Yar
Yar is a dedicated member of the Freedom faction, and he knows when to leave his faction out of personal matters. He was recently caught eavesdropping on some Mercs and although he managed to slip away, he knows that they wont let it go so easily. Since this is his own problem he is looking for an outsider to help him deal with the situation.

Once you complete the main storyline and the military forces have left Pripyat, Yar will basically replace both Lt. Kirillov and Lt. Rogovets, functioning as both a technician and a medic; he can only repair weapons and armor, though, but will do so for free.

Lone StalkersBack to top
Lone Stalkers
Lone Stalkers
Stalkers exploring the Zone on their own. Most stalkers work this way since being a member of a group takes precious time, and part of the loot. Then there are some who simply prefer solitude and independence.
AwlBack to top
Awl (Click to view large version)
Awl and his friend, Petruha have come to the Zone looking for artifacts. You'll bump into them at the Boiler Anomaly where you'll see that things are not working out for them; Petruha is tagged by a Boiler anomaly and Awl calls out to you for your help. If you help them out and manage to save Petruha you'll be rewarded with either a Bear Detector or a useful Fireball artifact. After their failed attempt, Awl and Petruha can be seen wander the area of Zaton, which sadly means they're very likely to end up dead, either at the hands of bandits or claws of mutants.
BeardBack to top
Beard (Click to view large version)
Beard works as a trader on the Skadovsk in Zaton. He came to the area along with Grouse after the Brain Scorcher was disabled, and helped to build up the stalker camp that the Skadovsk is today. As a trader his main interest is dealing in artifacts as orders from outside clients are always plenty. Initially, Beard sells only food and drink, but eventually he may sell artifacts as well; refer to this page to see which artifacts he will carry. You can help Beard with fulfilling orders for artifacts, and he also wants you to check out a mysterious glow coming from the Dredge Station. Beard functions as a spiritual leader of the lone stalkers in Zaton and he will also come into play during a couple of missions where he'll try to get you to help the lone stalkers in the area.
I believe that Beard is the only person who will actaully buy both Batteries and Homemade batteries from you - and strangely enough, give you more money for the latter. Sadly you cannot make a profit buying Homemade batteries from Cardan and selling them to Beard.
BonesetterBack to top
Bonesetter (Click to view large version)
Bonesetter works as a medic at Yanov Station and provides his services for free. If you're wounded or suffer from radiation poisoning go see Bonesetter as he'll be happy to help you out. He also works as a trader dealing in medical supplies and drugs.
CardanBack to top
Cardan (Click to view large version)
Cardan is a technician on board the Skadovsk in Zaton; he suffers from alcohol addiction which means that you may often need to bring him vodka before he can perform certain modifications. However, if you do, he'll give you a neat discount on both modifications and repairs; 10% for one bottle, 20% for two. If you bring him two bottles, he'll can be asked about Joker and Barge - two friends he lost contact with. This begins an optional mission where you need to find out what happened to them. Once you've discovered what "item 62" is, and brought back the documents from the Testing Workshop, Cardan will give you a 35% discount and stay sober thus not needing vodka anymore.
Cardan will sell you Homemade batteries once he has fixed the Gauss Rifle for you. Each batch of six rounds cost 2,000 RU.
GarryBack to top
Garry (Click to view large version)
While Garry normally works as a Guide, you can initially find him at the Scientists' Bunker in Jupiter where he's having problems fulfulling his contract of finding artifacts for the scientists. You can help him out by bringing him a Meat Chunk and a Kolobok, which is going to pay off later as Garry will give you a Bubble artifact when you meet him again in Pripyat. Garry fancies adventure and danger and once you meet him in Pripyat he will only guide you between Jupiter and Pripyat, leaving the tedious route between Zaton and Jupiter to Pilot.
GontaBack to top
Gonta (Click to view large version)
Gonta is the leader of a hunting group in Zaton - they hunt mutants for cash, either killing them or capturing them alive for scientific experiments. When you first meet Gonta at the medical bay, you can hear him talking with Garmata, another member of the group. Danila, their tracker, has recently disappeared, and while they were on a mission with an outsider, Magpie, they were attacked by a Chimera. Magpie ran away hauling all their loot with him, and the whole incident resulted in Crab - the fourth member - getting seriously hurt. Anxious to get his hands on Magpie, Gonta can provide you with an optional mission that requires you to track him down.
GrizzlyBack to top
Grizzly (Click to view large version)
Grizzly is a lone stalker who hangs out with his friend, Torba and Mitay, at Yanov Station. Sadly though, bandits have begun to use more drastic approaches in an attempt to get a cut off the loot found by lone stalkers. This has led to Mitay being captured and he is now held ransom at the Container Warehouse in the southern part of the area. Grizzly and Torba can be heard discussing how they should free Mitay, Grizzly favoring more violent means whereas Torba would prefer a peaceful negotiation with the bandits. You can aid them by freeing Mitay which, given you do it peacefully, can lead to one requirement for the Diplomat achievement.
GrouseBack to top
Grouse (Click to view large version)
Grouse is a former police detective that now works as the unofficial "sheriff" on board the Skadovsk. He originally wanted to reach the center of the Zone, but once Beard started the stalker camp in Zaton, and there seemed to be plenty of artifacts around, he decided to stay. These days he is trying to figure out what has happened to a number of stalkers that have gone missing or turned up dead. They managed to find a body of one of them one day; while there were no signs of violence, the body was completely drained of blood - a telltale sign of bloodsuckers. A local hunter, Danila, was assigned to locate their lair, but now he's gone missing as well. Gonta is now looking for someone to help him find the lair and track down Danila.
HawaiianBack to top
Hawaiian (Click to view large version)
Hawaiian is the trader at Yanov Station. He initially sells equipment that is comparable to that of Owl but will expand his inventory considerably if you acquire either the Friend of Duty achievement or the Friend of Freedom achievement. In this case he will start to sell weapons, accessories, armor and ammunition that is favored by the respective faction - ie. he'll sell weapons used by NATO countries, and sell the Freedom Guard Bodysuit, for example, if you get the Friend of Freedom achievement. On the Traders, Inventory & Prices page you can see which special items becomes available with either achievement, and also see which items are common between the two achievements.
MitayBack to top
Mitay (Click to view large version)
Your first meeting with Mitay is going to be under some serious circumstances as he's been captured by bandits, being held at the Container Warehouse in southern Jupiter. His two friends, Grizzly and Torba, are trying to figure out a way to free him but cannot decide on the best way. You can help them out by freeing Mitay, favoring either Grizzly who'd like to bury the bandits, or Torba who thinks a peaceful solution is the safest approach.
NimbleBack to top
Nimble (Click to view large version)
Nimble can be found on the top floor of the Skadovsk in Zaton. He works as a trader in special equipment and can acquire unique weapons and armor in exchange for money. Refer to the this page for more information about which items he can acquire and how much they cost.
I believe that Nimble is one of the few people to appear in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, and if you talk to him you can hear him reference some of his past.
NitroBack to top
Nitro (Click to view large version)
Nitro works as a technician at Yanov Station. Like Cardan he can do repairs and modifications. With an affection for radio equipment he is in dire need of the right components; if you help him out he'll give you a neat discount of 20% on all modifications and repairs. His technical skills will also prove useful in other situations; on board Stingray 1 you'll find a Black box that he can decode, and on the crashed UAV you'll find a blocked memory module that he can also help you with. Nitro will also play a vital part when you are making for Pripyat and need access to the Pripyat Underpass.
NoahBack to top
Noah (Click to view large version)
Noah lives on the Old Barge in the southern part of Zaton along with his domesticated Pseudodog. He seems rather freaked out by mutants as he'll welcome anyone with a couple of shots from his SPSA-14 when you open the door to the barge. Noah is the only person in Zaton who apparently knows a way to the southern plateau, and his abilities as a guide were also helpful to about eleven survivors of the Stingray helicopters who he led to Pripyat. Noah's the one to see if you're looking for Compass artifacts - just don't ask him for more than two or he'll go insane, literally, and start to attack you; however, if you don't attack him, run away, and come back later, Noah will become his friendly self again.
OwlBack to top
Owl (Click to view large version)
Owl is a trader who deals in weapons, armor, ammunition and accessories on board the Skadovsk in Zaton. He also makes a living buying and selling useful information, and he will often pay decent amounts of money for documents, PDAs and other intelligence items you may have acquired. Once Tremor has left the Skadovsk, he will start to sell some basic drugs and medical supplies. Owl can also offer some optional missions; some mercenaries at the Waste Processing Station has caught his attention, and he wants you to recover some information about what they're up to. He's also dealing with the scientists in Jupiter, and may at one point ask for help in acquiring three Veles detectors for them - a mission that will eventually net you the Svarog detector.
PetruhaBack to top
Petruha (Click to view large version)
Petruha and his friend, Awl, are like so many other stalkers looking for artifacts. They recently managed to save up enough money to buy a Sunrise Bodysuit, and now they're putting it to the test by the Boiler Anomaly in Zaton. While Petruha may have been the lucky one, getting to don the suit, he's also the one in charge of retrieving the artifacts, which doesn't go exactly to plan. He is caught by a Boiler anomaly and fatally injured; you can help them out by bringing Petruha a medkit which they will repay with either a Bear Detector or a Fireball artifact.
PilotBack to top
Pilot (Click to view large version)
Pilot works as a guide and his experience with the Zone means that he can not only tell you interesting details about anomalies and emissions, but he can also take you to Jupiter. However, to take you there he'll charge you money. From the start of the game, getting him to take you to Jupiter will cost you 3,000 RU; however, if you bring him the maps that you find on Stingray 2, he'll give you a nice discount that effectively lowers the price to a more manageable 1,000 RU. When you start the game you can find Pilot at the Skadovsk. Once you move to Jupiter, you'll be able to find Pilot at Yanov Station, ready to take you back if you should so desire.
SnagBack to top
Snag (Click to view large version)
Snag can be found just inside the door of the Skadovsk in Zaton. He recently hid some loot in a car that fell down a chasm near the Fuelling Station, and would like your help in reclaiming it. If you have received an order for a weapon from Nimble, Snag may engage you in a conversation in which he claims that the weapon you got is actually his. While you can give the weapon to him, there is no indication that he is actually telling the truth; once you go talk to Nimble about stolen weapons it sparks off the optional mission, Reputation.
SpartacusBack to top
Spartacus (Click to view large version)
Spartacus is an experienced stalker who can be found on board the Shevchenko south-west of the Skadovsk, helping out the rookie stalkers. Spartacus comes into play during The hit where you are tasked with either eliminating the stalkers at the Shevchenko, or disrupt the bandit assault and help out the stalkers. Once the scientists in Jupiter are looking for new guards, Spartacus and his friends come highly recommended by local stalkers.
StrelokBack to top
Strelok (Click to view large version)
Strelok is likely one of the most seasoned and experienced stalkers in the Zone. In 2012 he and his faction managed to reach the center of the Zone, which was an unthinkable feat at the time. While their visit was cut short, Streloks second trip - this time alone - managed to get him even further. Strelok went as far as to disable the Brain Scorcher, a device created to keep outsiders away from the Zones center, thus opening up a new path into Pripyat. Eventually reaching the Chernobyl NPP for a second time, he managed to uncover the truth behind the so-called Wish Granter, a lure setup by the C-Consciousness inside the power plant to attract and dispose of anyone who was able to breach the prior defenses.
If you really wish to learn more about Strelok, I suggest you pick up a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and possibly S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky if you haven't done so already; the first game especially will give you a good look into who Strelok is and what his faction was up to. While I am not personally that fond of Clear Sky, I can highly recommend Shadow of Chernobyl; although it is not as polished as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, the game is certainly longer and features the same unique setting and atmosphere.
TopolBack to top
Topol (Click to view large version)
Topol is the leader of a group of stalkers working for the scientists in Jupiter. Although they have been more directly involved partaking in their research, the group has been exposed to many of the Zones dangers and now they function more as escorts and guards for those helping the scientists with their field work. You'll get a couple of chances to work with Topol and his crew, and if you all manage to survive through it, they will eventually become fully part of the Scientists faction and have a noticeable upgrade in their equipment; while they work pretty much as escorts, Topol is not blind to the fact that you helped them make it through as well, which he'll reward you for once your endeavors are over.
I really love the fact that your efforts in helping Topol and his friends will pay off in the end; the first time I noticed that they had become part of the Scientists faction I was very positively suprised and talking to Topol afterwards was a nice touch. It is very rare that you see positive consequences of your actions so this is a very welcome addition.
TorbaBack to top
Torba (Click to view large version)
Torba can be found inside Yanov Station, initially discussing a serious matter with his friend Grizzly. It appears that their mutual friend, Mitay, has been taken captive by bandits, and that he is now being held against his will at the Container Warehouse in the southern part of Jupiter. While Grizzly appears to prefer a more aggressive solution, Torba favors a peaceful one that involves bringing the bandits an artifact in exchange for their friend. You can help them out by dealing with the situation and freeing Mitay.
TrapperBack to top
Trapper (Click to view large version)
Trapper is an experienced mutant hunter located in the basement of Yanov Station. He used to hunt dangerous mutants that were a threat to other stalkers, and while he has since retired, he still takes orders and give them to younger hunters, who he also mentors. As a former hunter, Trapper can provide you with some hints about the traits of different mutants. Trapper holds a personal grudge against two specific chimeras that caused the death of his friend, Fox. One of them is now being tracked by Gonta and his group in Zaton while the other is still at large somewhere in Jupiter. You can help Trapper deal with the chimeras by talking to Gonta on the Skadovsk, leading to the mission Hunting the chimera, and once you've dealt with that one, you can help Trapper take out the other one in Jupiter. He's also looking for someone to eliminate some swamp bloodsuckers that has been spotted near the Plavni Anomaly. Finally, some unidentified mutants were encountered in the south-eastern part of Jupiter and Trapper is also eager to find someone who is willing to deal with them.
TremorBack to top
Tremor (Click to view large version)
Although Tremor is a fully qualified brain surgeon, it's not exactly that particular skill he's been relying on most, working as a medic on board the Skadovsk. He offers his services for free, so if you're hurt or suffering from radiation sickness, be sure to stop by Tremor. He also works as a trader and you can buy certain drugs and medical equipment from him. Tremor will take part in the Find the missing hunter mission that you can pick up from Grouse.
TunaBack to top
Tuna (Click to view large version)
Tuna is a stalker you'll meet when you investigate the strange light coming from the Dredge Station. When you have found the source you'll meet Tuna outside who seems very keen on getting his hands on it, claiming that it can help a friend of his recover from some illness that can't seem to be treated by regular means. If you turn him down, Tuna along with two friends will attack you when you try to leave the area; if you give Tuna the artifact, he'll deliver it to Beard and collect the reward himself.
VanoBack to top
Vano (Click to view large version)
Vano is one of the three optional characters you can recruit to accompany you in the Pripyat Underpass on your way to Pripyat. He is however in a pickle when you first meet him, as he has borrowed some money from a local bandit, Jack, to buy a new protective suit. The bandit has not played with open cards though, and is now demanding a large interest on the loan that Vano is now struggling to pay off. You can help Vano out by clearing his debt.
ZuluBack to top
Zulu (Click to view large version)
Zulu is a stalker that prefers his solitude inside his pad just outside of Yanov Station. Once you've discovered the way to Pripyat, Zulu is the man to talk to as he is the first to volunteer to accompany you on the trip. While Zulu is friendly enough, he's probably seen and done enough to give him a somewhat pessimistic look on the Zone and its residents.
MercenariesBack to top
Mercenaries are basically guns for hire, willing to do any job as long as the pay is right. While mercenaries may be comparable to bandits in certain aspects, they often employ a much more strict hierarchy and their exploits have often provided them with the resources and contacts to acquire better and more modern equipment.
BlackBack to top
Black (Click to view large version)
Black is leading the group of mercenaries who are working for the scientists in Jupiter, supposedly guarding their bunker from mutants and zombies. They are not particularly liked by the scientists, and with good reason - their guard duty is a temporary commission with the only purpose of figuring out a way into Pripyat. When you pick up the Administrative documents from inside an office at Jupiter Plant you'll be attacked by Black and his gang. Black is carrying Black's PDA.
HatchetBack to top
Hatchet (Click to view large version)
Hatchet is the leader of a group of mercenaries who has setup a temporary base a the Substation Workshops. That particular place is also where you'll find some tools for fine work which are useful to technicians such as Cardan; the mercenaries are starving though, and before they'll let you into the area you must first bring them some food. Once you are tasked with finding new guards for the scientists in Jupiter, you can hire Hatchet and his men for the job.
HookBack to top
Hook (Click to view large version)
Hook is one of the two senior mercenaries staying at the Waste Processing Station in Zaton. He carries a PDA that can be sold to Owl.
JackalBack to top
Jackal (Click to view large version)
Jackal is the leader of a large group of mercenaries who are planning a deal with another group of mercs, intent on locating the X8 laboratory. While a small number of their group has setup a temporary camp in Zaton, possibly to take part in an arms deal, the majority are working on getting access to Pripyat and the lab. This means that a group of them have sought emplyment by the scientists to guard their bunker - a smokescreen allowing them to keep an eye out for anyone coming by or trying to enter the Jupiter Plant. The deal is to take place in Pripyat so they're holding back until someone discovers a safe way there.
RidgeBack to top
Ridge (Click to view large version)
Ridge is a senior mercenary stationed at the Waste Processing Station in Zaton. He carries a PDA that can be sold to Owl.
SerbinBack to top
Serbin (Click to view large version)
Serbin is likely the leader of a group of mercenaries who has discovered the location of X8 and are now looking to trade this information with Jackal and his men. Serbin carries the Red X8 keycard that allows you to access the depot inside of X8. You will encounter Serbin during the mission One shot.
SkullBack to top
Skull (Click to view large version)
Skull is one of the senior mercenaries that is part of the group who are working for the scientists in Jupiter.
MilitaryBack to top
After the Brain Scorcher was disabled and the number of stalkers in the Zone grew to new levels, the National Security Council in Ukraine decided that a final intervention was required. Codenamed "Fairway", dozens of helicopters carrying special forces units were sent into the Zone in a goal to reach the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Despite meticulous preparations Operation Fairway was a complete disaster. Although the Zone claimed many lives, a group of survivors did manage to make it to one of the evacuation points in Pripyat.
Col. KovalskyBack to top
Col. Kovalsky (Click to view large version)
Col. Kovalsky
Colonel Kovalsky was the field commander of operation Fairway, seated on board Stingray 1. After the helicopter crash-landed at the Helipads in Jupiter, Kovalsky and the other survivors were fortunate enough to meet Guide who took them to Pripyat. After a short firefight with some Monolith forces at the Laundromat, which also secured them some extra supplies, they setup a temporary base of operations in Pripyat.
Lt. KirillovBack to top
Lt. Kirillov (Click to view large version)
Lt. Kirillov
Lieutenant Kirillov is a military technician and part of the army detachment occupying Pripyat. While he can only repair weapons and armor, and not perform any modifications, he does so free of charge. He can also provide you with a Bulat Armored Suit and a Sphere M12 Helmet, and in between missions supplies you with ammunition and grenades as well.
Lt. RogovetsBack to top
Lt. Rogovets (Click to view large version)
Lt. Rogovets
Rogovets is the medic and provides treatment of both wounds and radiation for free. In between missions he can also provide you with medical supplies.
Lt. SokolovBack to top
Lt. Sokolov (Click to view large version)
Lt. Sokolov
Lieutenant Sokolov was the copilot on board Stingray 4, the helicopter that crashed into the workshop at Jupiter Plant. Being the only survivor he made his way to the nearest evacuation point, at the Volkhov AA Complex, but no one else were there. After having waited for two days, he decided that it wasn't safe to stay around for long; fortunately he met Garry who took him to the Scientists' Bunker where he's been keeping himself ever since, hoping that he'll eventually be picked up by the military. He has given thought of trying to make it to the evacuation point in Pripyat but he doubts he'd be able to make it alone and has thus decided to stay put.

Sokolov is one of the three optional characters you can recruit to the trip to Pripyat; he's in need a scientist suit though, and to provide him with such a suit, Ozersky will require you to help him out with a small matter concerning anomalous plants.

Major DegtyarevBack to top
Major Degtyarev (Click to view large version)
Major Degtyarev
You play as Alexander Degtyarev - former stalker and now a senior officer in the Ukrainian Security Service - who is sent into the Zone by the National Security Council to investigate the massive failure of Operation Fairway. This military operation was an attempt to seize control of an escalating situation following the deactivation of a powerful psy-emitter known as the Brain Scorcher. Even though the dozens of helicopters taking part in the operation had emission protection systems, and the pilots were equipped with maps of active anomalies, none of them returned. You enter the Zone, disguised as a regular stalker, and must figure out what went wrong and what happened to the helicopters and the personnel on board.
MonolithBack to top
This group displays many features of a religious sect. Its members believe in the existence of a complex alien crystal, the Monolith, located somewhere in the center of the Zone. Most stalkers treat Monolith adepts with contempt and consider them as lunatics. From its inception the group strives to block all progress towards the center of the Zone, protecting the Monolith from other stalkers. Rumor has it that the group has a large base deep in the Zone, but its exact location is known only by the members.
You can meet a neutral group of Monolith members at the Monolith camp north of the Container Warehouse in Jupiter. Smaller squads of Monolith are encountered in Pripyat.
StriderBack to top
Strider (Click to view large version)
Strider and his group have come out of the influence of the "Monolith" entity, and regained full consciousness. Unaware of what exactly has happened, he does know that he's been a part of Monolith for several years.

Strider is one of the three optional characters you can recruit to accompany you in the Pripyat Underpass on your way to Pripyat. However, you'll first need to help him out by finding a safe place for him and his group to stay which leads to the Monolith survivors mission.

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The scientists in Jupiter have just recently come to the Zone. They are funded by the Ministry of Education which have allowed them to hire both guards and a team of stalkers who help out with various tasks in the field. While the scientists research is without a strict goal, they experiment with different theories and research various phenomena in the Zone, trying to come up with logical explanations for them.
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Novikov (Click to view large version)
Novikov is a technician working for the scientists at the Scientists' Bunker in Jupiter. He was originally an artifact hunter like everyone else, and after having seen the rise and fall of the Clear Sky faction, he eventually took a job with the scientists. As a technician Novikov can repair both weapons and armor, but he can only provide a small number of modifications for armor; however, some of these are unique and Novikov is the only technician that can apply them.
If you visit Novikov while wearing the CS-3a Body Armor you can learn that it was in fact him who originally designed it when he was part of Clear Sky.
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Professor Hermann (Click to view large version)
Professor Hermann
Hermann is the leader of the scientific expedition in Jupiter. His main interest seems to be the large anomaly fields in the area, and you can help him out by first placing scanners at the Bitumen Anomaly, Concrete Bath Anomaly and the Parking Lot, and another couple at the Ash Heap Anomaly and the Plavni Anomaly; completing these missions will mean that you can see which artifacts, if any, are currently present at those anomalies simply by hovering your mouse over the area in your PDA. Hermann will have more work for you; please refer to the Optional Missions for a complete list. Once you've completed his first mission, Intermittent psy-emissions, Hermann will start to sell you drugs and medial supplies mainly, and as you progress with his missions he'll offer a bigger and bigger discount that eventually reaches about 50%.
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Professor Ozersky (Click to view large version)
Professor Ozersky
Professor Ozersky is one of the two scientists at the Scientists' Bunker south-west of Yanov Station in Jupiter. While you can help him out with some of his research, he's also got an interest in the Oasis, a fabled place said to cure wounds and have other incredible properties.
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Stalkers who came under the influence of the Brain Scorcher turned into "zombies" - mindless humans whose only purpose seems to eliminate everyone who dares to venture into the Zone. While zombies retain only little of their former selves, they are always hostile and still capable of using firearms. They tend to stick to groups - possibly because the social needs of humans have not left them entirely - although lone zombies can be encountered from time to time. Zombies seem to be at peace with mutants and the two groups usually leave eachother alone. Zombies used to be the result of stalkers coming too close to the Brain Scorcher; now they are the consequence of unfortunate stalkers getting caught, but not killed, by emissions.
You'll encounter zombies in basically all areas of the game, possibly with the exception of X8.

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