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This page provides an introduction to modifications and repairs for weapons and armor in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
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Modifications are alterations to weapons and armor that improve their characteristics and add new features. They are performed by technicians in exchange for money. Some modifications requires special tools that you must acquire for the technician before he can apply the modification.
TechniciansBack to top
There are three technicians in the game that can provide modifications and perform repairs, and two that only do repairs:
Technician Where Armor Modifications Weapon Modifications Repairs Notes
Cardan The Skadovsk in Zaton Yes Yes Yes Bring him tools to increase the number of modifications he can apply.
Nitro Yanov Station in Jupiter Yes Yes Yes Bring him tools to increase the number of modifications he can apply.
Novikov The Scientists' Bunker in Jupiter Yes   Yes Provides only a limited but unique set of modifications for armors. Help Professor Hermann with his research to increase the number of modifications Novikov can apply.
Lt. Kirillov The Laundromat in Pripyat     Yes Does repairs for free.
Uncle Yar The Laundromat in Pripyat     Yes Once the main storyline has come to an end, Yar will replace Lt. Kirillov as the technician in Pripyat. As his predecessor he also does repairs for free.
Modification chainsBack to top
Each weapon and armor usually has one or more chains of modifications with up to three individual links. For most chains, to get the last modification you must first buy a modification in each of the previous links. Some links have an option of two modifications in which case you can buy one, but not both, of them; this means that you usually cannot buy every single modification for a weapon or armor since some modifications rule others out. This is demonstrated in the following example:
ExampleBack to top
Modification 1100 RU
This modification is the first link in the first chain.
Modification 2200 RU
This modification is in the second link, first chain.
Requires Tools for Fine Work.
Modification 4300 RU
This modification is in the third and final link of the first chain.
Requires Calibration Tools.
Modification 3200 RU
This is another modification in the second link, first chain.
Requires Tools for Fine Work.
Modification 5100 RU
This is a modification in the first link of the second chain.
Fire RateFire Rate+10%
Requires Tools for Basic Work.
Modification 6200 RU
This is a modification in the second link of the second chain.
Requires Tools for Fine Work.
Each column is a link in a chain. The example above has two chains. To buy Modification 4, you must first buy Modification 1, followed by a choice between either Modification 2 or Modification 3. Modification 5 and 6 are in a separate chain, and your choices of Modifications 1-4 does not affect them.

Some chains do not require modifications in previous links to be bought; these chains usually deal with various improvements such as caliber change and scopes for weapons, and nightvision for body armors.

Also note that if you modify a weapon, all attachments will be taken off the weapon, and it will also be unloaded of any ammunition - this is important to keep in mind since you'll need to reload your weapon before you can use it; you dont want to walk into a firefight with a fully modified weapon only to realize that it's empty.

Modification RequirementsBack to top
As mentioned earlier, some modifications require that the technician has the right tools for the job. In each modification (see the examples above) the requirements are noted in two places; the first is the title of the modification, which has a background color indicating the requirement, and the second is at the bottom which has a textual description. The title colors are as follows:
No tools needed.
Tools for Basic Work needed.
Tools for Fine Work needed.
Calibration Tools needed.
This color indicates one of the following situations:
  • Only Cardan can apply this modification once he has all three sets of tools.
  • Only Nitro can apply this modification once he has all three sets of tools.
  • Only Novikov can apply this modification. Some of his modifications may first be available once you have helped the scientists with their field research.
Refer to the textual description for these modifications to see which specific requirement you need to fulfill.
The second is a textual hint at the bottom of the modification which states what set of tools, or other requirements, are needed. Technicians can also reapir weapons and armor, which is quite useful for several reasons; you can save money by repairing your current equipment rather than having to buy new weapons and armor. Also, you can acquire unique items that cannot be easily replaced (or which may be very expensive), so having the option to repair is a sure way to extend their lifespan. On the Weapons and Armor pages you can see how much the different items cost to repair (without discounts) if they are in the worst possible condition, which can be used as a basis for determining how costly your gear is to keep in good condition. The price of repairs depends on the current condition of any weapons and armor you have; the worse the condition is, the more it's going to cost you to have repaired.
DiscountsBack to top
Please note that the prices listed for modifications and repairs are the default prices without any discounts. You may get two discounts at Cardan - 10% and 20%, respectively - if you bring him one or two bottles of vodka; these discounts are substantial and you can easily save hundreds of Rubles by making sure he's boozed up before buying any repairs or modifications. Also, Cardan does require vodka before he can perform most modifications. Once you've brought him the broken Gauss Rifle he will stay sober for the rest of the game, and no longer require any alcohol; his 20% discount will become permanent at this point. Nitro will give a permanent 20% discount if you get him some radio materials - refer to this page for information about the optional mission.

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