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This page includes maps and information about all the different areas that you can explore in in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
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Jupiter (Click to view large version)
Jupiter, located west of Pripyat, is a large area with Yanov Station near the center. The old train station functions as a camp for many stalkers, including detachments of both the Duty and Freedom factions, and it also houses a trader, a technician and a medic. Scientists have established a bunker near the station, researching the Zone along with its anomalies and artifacts, and some stalkers have also setup camp at an old cement factory to the north-east. Other places, such as the quarry, the village of Kopachy, and the Volkhov AA Complex are long deserted, now only inhabited by mutants and the "walking dead".
Enemies & mutants
In Jupiter you'll encounter a large variety of mutants. The most common ones are the Blind dogs and Pseudodogs that usually operate in large packs. You'll also see plenty of Fleshes, Boars, Snorks, Bloodsuckers and Hamsters. Eventually you may also run into Chimeras, Controllers and quite possibly a Burer or two.
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Pripyat (Click to view large version)
Although one of the main obstacles - the Brain Scorcher - was disabled some time ago, Pripyat is still very much a ghost town. The mutant population is still strong, but the human presence remains neglible; only a few squads of Monolith forces inhabit the area, and the surviving members of operation Fairway has setup a temporary headquarters in the old Laundromat.
Enemies & mutants
While Pripyat used to house the Monolith headquarters, their presence has diminished after the Brain Scorcher was disabled and now only a couple of squads remain. Pripyat is not as heavily populated by mutants as the other areas, although you will see plenty of blind dogs, pseudodogs, snorks and possibly a few bloodsuckers as well. Zombies still roam the streets as well.
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Pripyat Underpass (Click to view large version)
Pripyat Underpass
The Pripyat 1 Underpass is a series of underground tunnels and rooms connecting the Jupiter Plant to an access point in Pripyat. The area has been sealed off and filled with toxic gas to prevent anyone from making their way through, and thus the only inhabitants are now mutants and zombies lurking in the dark. It is evident that the area was once an active place providing access to many places, as trucks and jeeps fill the northern tunnels, and a number train cars can be found in the central cargo area which also houses some offices and a control room. The majority of tunnels have either caved in or been sealed off, making Pripyat the only destination available.
Enemies & mutants
When you visit the Underpass you'll encounter Hamsters, Snorks, zombies, and members of the Monolith faction.
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Testing Workshop (Click to view large version)
Testing Workshop
This area used to function as a testing laboratory for the so-called "Item 62" and other weapon prototypes created in an attempt to utilize artifacts as a source of power. The facility is located in the south-western part of Zaton and becomes accessible after you receive the old magnetic keycard from Cardan, once you have acquired the broken Gauss rifle from the Monolith in Pripyat. Inside you'll witness what appears to be a giant version of the Gauss Rifle, possibly an early prototype or a version meant for large-scale warfare.
There isn't an in-game map of the area so I have tried to construct one myself. It's not fully detailed but hopefully it will still be of some use.
Enemies & mutants
The area features a number of Zombies and you'll encounter a lone Pseudogiant inside the large firing range on the bottom floor.
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X8 (Click to view large version)
This laboratory is located in Pripyat, beneath the Yubileiny Service Center. The research conducted here focused on many different areas including psy-fields and the noosphere, and the so-called "item 62", a prototype weapon that uses fragments of artifacts to provide astonishing power. It is also very likely that the initial studies leading to the Brain Scorcher were conducted here. Equipment and staff was eventually evacuated to another laboratory, X7, where research on the noosphere would continue. Only a handful of documents remain, and the lab has since its evacuation been used by mercenaries to store equipment.
This lab can be a bit tricky to navigate as the in-game map only highlights you a portion of the area you are in; this is the reason why I've added a number of "transition markers" to the interactive map that you can use to see where you end up when moving from one area to another; the markers also include screenshots that hopefully makes it a bit easier to recognize or find.
Enemies & mutants
The lab is not completely deserted as you'll encounter Snorks, Hamsters, Blind Dogs, Burers, a Poltergeist and a Controller.
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Zaton (Click to view large version)
Zaton is the starting area of the game. The main body of the area - now a swamp - used to be part a large bay which is evident from many of the surrounding sights; huge ships, boats, and a docking area all tell a tale of the past. The grounded ships have been turned into makeshift homes for lone stalkers, and the center piece, the Skadovsk, now functions as a hub for stalkers, housing traders and providing a place for people to meet up, hang out, and get some rest. The surrounding area is ripe with interesting and dangerous places, including large concentrations of anomalies, a defunct weapon prototype testing facility, a water processing plant, and an old sawmill.
Enemies & mutants
This area is ripe with blind dogs, pseudodogs, fleshes, boars, bloodsuckers, snorks, and you may also encounter a Poltergeist, a Fire Poltergeist and even a Controller.

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