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This page lists all the different weapons, grenades and accessories that are available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
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All the weapons include descriptions, ammunition types, and images which you can click to see what they look like in detail. For some weapons I have also added some personal notes which are usually present if there is anything interesting or notable about the weapon in question; for many weapons I've also included a description of where (or how) you can obtain the weapon. The basic weapon statistics - accuracy, handling, damage and fire rate - are also present, including an average of these - the latter doesn't indicate the best weapons as such, but serves as a decent comparison basis for weapons of the same type. All stats, including the weight, are the properties of an unmodified weapon; modifications can seriously alter the characteristics of a weapon, and I'll leave it up to you to experiment and find the combination that is right for you. For some weapons you may notice one or more icons next to the title; these icons indicates which accessories an unmodified version of the weapon can utilize (such as a silencer or SUSAT scope). With modifications some weapons can have more accessories attached to them.

Since the weapons in the game don't come with any kind of indication of how durable they are, I've constructed such a stat for most of the weapons:
The stat consists of two things; first off you can see how many rounds of single-shot fire are needed to reach the different condition icons, ie. green, yellow and red. In the example above, it takes 334 shots with the weapon in mint condition to reach the green condition icon, then an additional 208 to reach the yellow one, and then another 208 to reach the red icon. The percentage at the end is a general indication of how many shots it takes to reach the red condition icon, and can thus serve as a more usable basis for comparison of weapons of the same type or category; you can also use it across categories, but it makes less sense to compare an assault rifle to a sniper rifle, for example.

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Alpine (Click to view large version)
Alpine (Click to view large version)
A unique model of the SIP-t M200 handgun. Part of a small limited edition made for an unidentified special forces unit. The model benefits from an increased magazine capacity, a high durability steel barrel and an ultradurable polymer receiver.

Default properties
The higher this parameter the easier it is to score a hit, even at long range. Sniper rifles excel at accuracy, while shotguns tend to be drastically inaccurateAccuracy61.80%61.80%61.80%
Weapons with high handling parameter are easier and faster to operateHandling83.30%83.30%83.30%
Damage inflicted by the weapon is proportional to this parameter. Weapons with high damage rating tend to have a low rate of fireDamage50.00%50.00%50.00%
Fire Rate15.70%15.70%15.70%
Base cost of repair for a weapon in the worst possible conditionRepair