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This section provides information about the three special stashes, belonging to Strelok and his faction, that can be found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
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In Jupiter you can find three special stashes that I refer to as the Streloks faction stashes. These are not traditional stashes as the items are located inside containers, and they always contain the same items in the same order no matter which stash you loot first; also, they contain notes from the factions members that provide a little insight into who they are. The stashes are important for several reasons. First of all, they provide you with some extra medical supplies and ammunition, and eventually you'll find the unique Strelok's SGI-5k assault rifle - an excellent weapon in my opinion; second, they contain a total of three notes written by some of the faction members; these notes can either be sold to Owl, or if you hold on to them they can be given to Strelok in Pripyat which will earn you the Keeper of Secrets achievement.

While you can locate and loot the stashes on your own, you can also get some assistance by retrieving the Memory module (blocked) from the crashed UAV in the north-western corner of Jupiter. You can have Nitro unblock the module for you, which will net you the location of the stashes.

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The three stashes are all located in Jupiter:
Where Location Description
Cement Factory View location This stash is located inside a tunnel in the water-filled area on the northern side of the Cement Factory. This particular area has a number of Gas anomalies in it, so tread carefully. On the south-western side you should be able to spot a piece of ventilation shaft and behind it you'll find a small opening in the wall. Head in there and you'll find the stash at the end, contained in a green box.
Quarry View location The second stash is located inside the cabin of the excavation machine at the Quarry. To reach it, you first need to locate the dead tree to the north of the machine. Climb the tree and jump onto the back of the machine; the cabin is just south of there. Be careful - just inside the cabin, near the door, is a Gas Anomaly. Inside you'll find the stash in a backpack underneath a fuse cabinet.
Jupiter Plant View location The third and final stash is found inside the compound at Jupiter Plant. Going in through the main gate on the north-western side (south of the Bitumen Anomaly), you'll need to move east following the administrative buildings there, and eventually head south. Beyond the digger on the left (eastern) side, you'll reach a construction with five silos on the top; there, at ground level, you'll find a ladder going down to a small trench underneath. The trench is filled with Gas anomalies so be careful; inside a pipe sticking out of the wall you'll find the third stash.
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You will always find the same items in the same order no matter which stash you look in first. So whether you visit the Cement Factory or Jupiter Plant first, it'll always contain medical supplies, the second you visit will hold ammunition, and the third is where you'll find Strelok's SGI-5k - so if you're just interested in the rifle, there is no shortcut to getting it, you'll need to visit all three stashes no matter what.
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Inside the first stash you visit you'll find:
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The second stash contains:
  • A Note to Strelok
  • 50 12x70 shot rounds
  • 100 .45 ACP Hydrashock rounds
  • 150 9x18 mm rounds
  • 180 5.45x39 mm AP rounds
  • 300 5.45x39 mm rounds
  • three RGD-5 grenades
  • two F1 grenades
  • a Fora-12 pistol
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Inside the third and final stash you'll find:

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