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For a long time I've wanted to create a walkthrough for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat however it never really happened. Perhaps I was busy playing the game? Anyways, I now have a YouTube channel where I have completed a Let's Play series that I guess can function as a sort of walkthrough; at least I go through the entire storyline and the majority of optional missions, providing some commentary along the way. This has resulted in 44 episodes which you can access below and from the menu. Please note that I am playing through the game with the Complete Mod installed.
Table of content
Table of contentPart 1
This is the first part of my Let's Play series featuring S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat and the Complete Mod. This is also my first Let's Play video ever, so I'm probably also a bit nervous and shy. In this episode I go through my setup of the Complete Mod, we watch the introduction sequence, and I go check out a strange phenomenon.
Table of contentPart 2
This time I go hunting for some stashes to acquire some better gear, and I talk about some of my thoughts about various gameplay elements.
Table of contentPart 3
In this episode I pay a visit to Grouse, try to find some missing stalkers, and invade the private property of more Bloodsuckers than I'd ever want to see. Oh, and there's some shooting too.
Table of contentPart 4
This time I check out one of the crashed helicopters, and I try not to get myself killed as I chase down an artifact at the Dredge Station.
Table of contentPart 5
In this part I visit the Preobrazhensky bridge (yeah, that one), obtain some nerve toxin, and finally give some payback to the Bloodsuckers. Yeeharh!
Table of contentPart 6
In this episode I finally wrap up the mystery of the missing stalkers, a friend is lost, I get my first achievement, and eventually I defy fire to grab a stash and some artifacts!
Table of contentPart 7
In this episode I try to find some tools for Cardan, which includes fighting off vicious dogs and slaughtering about two dozen zombies! Yup, I'm in the Zone.
Table of contentPart 8
This time I sell of a bunch of loot, defend a poor Flesh - which shows no gratitude at all, and find some more tools... I also go through a couple of stashes, and finally make progress regarding the crashed helicopters.
Table of contentPart 9
In this episode I chase down some artifacts, upgrade some of my gear, and then head out in an attempt to locate Cardans two missing friends. Oh, I also step in some anomalies... which was intentional, obviously!
Table of contentPart 10
I pay a visit to the craziness that is the Oakpine anomaly where I manage to find another of Cardans friends. I also check out the Circus anomaly, and finally pay a visit to the good man Noah on the "psycho barge". Yeah, good stuff!
Table of contentPart 11
This is where Snag asks me to retrieve some items from an old car. Naturally, I die in the process and is reincarnated as a jerk that keeps all his items for myself. Sort of.
Table of contentPart 12
Lots of stuff going on in this episode as I try to make a profit selling some artifacts, I upgrade my assault rifle, and I almost experience an emission up front! I also spend most of my money by putting in an order at Nimble, and then venture forth to examine the Boiler anomaly. Oh, and there's zombies and a dangerous cave as well. Good times!
Table of contentPart 13
In this episode I buy a new and awesome armor from Nimble, and then head out to assault a mercenary camp... they're evil mercenaries, so it's ok!
Table of contentPart 14
In this episode I perform a double-cross as I help stalkers repel a bandit raid, and then help said stalkers disrupt an arms transaction. And I can't get no sleep. Also: doorbell!
Table of contentPart 15
I buy a new weapon from Nimble and is accused of stealing... outrageous! I may loot every corpse and stash I come by, but stealing...!? Never!
Table of contentPart 16
I clear out a couple of decent stashes, and run around in circles and bushes - and vice versa. Also, a Chimera gets the jump on me, so I decide to leave Zaton and head off to Jupiter!
Table of contentPart 17
This is where I get robbed, and we learn that this Flint character is one funny guy! Also, I get mauled by a pack of dogs, and panic slightly as I'm fighting Bloodsuckers while an emission is approaching. Doom inbound!
Table of contentPart 18
Aww, poor Splinter. Proves that Flint is not only funny, but evil as well! Also, zombies start to shoot up Yanov Station, and that's something we just can't tolerate! And we locate some tools, find a stranded co-pilot, ya-de-ya-de-ya.
Table of contentPart 19
In this episode we visit the Oasis, and I freak out about freaking out... yeah, doesn't make sense to me either!
Table of contentPart 20
Me, Topol and his crew visit a creepy tunnel in the north-western part of the area. Some crazy stuff is going on, and I'm not just talking about the zombies.
Table of contentPart 21
We continue our work for the scientists and face more dangers from anomalies, mutants and of course bandits. Those damn bandits. Oh, and I try to help some stalkers who have gotten themselves into quite a pickle; doesn't turn out well.
Table of contentPart 22
More scanners to place in fields of anomalies, and zombies with machineguns! What's the world coming to!?
Table of contentPart 23
Who doesn't love to take measurements? I certainly do, but am left to guard duty as Topol and his friends, along with yours truly, pay a visit to two anomalous areas. Zombie surprise.
Table of contentPart 24
This time I go searching for some special stashes, that are unique to Jupiter, and I eventually end up cheating. The horror! Also, more zombies attack Yanov Station, I locate for more tools for Nitro, and try to obtain a cursed artifact.
Table of contentPart 25
In this episode I witness a dog leading a pack of rodents against me. Or something like that. I also head out to finish another quest for Trapper, which leads me to fighting a new, and quite nasty, type of mutant. Finally, I loot some more stashes.
Table of contentPart 26
I am caught totally off guard as I discover that all missions aren't necessarily solved with gunfire! Yes, I'm quite shocked as well!
Table of contentPart 27
Good thing my helmet has night-vision, because I'm going on a hunt for a Chimera at night. Yeah, good times. I also pay a visit to one of the evacuation sites, and finally check up on Sokolov - and while I'm at the bunker, make a pleasing discovery regarding Topol and his crew.
Table of contentPart 28
In this episode I head back to Zaton to clear up some unfinished business. Things are weird at the Skadovsk, and certainly not better at Noahs barge.
Table of contentPart 29
I head back to Jupiter, and try to have some fun along with Uncle Yar by visiting the nearby zombie resort of Kopachy village! Sniper rifle? Check! RPG? Check! Also, fun at the bunker while we wait for an emission to pass.
Table of contentPart 30
This is where I finally make a trip down to the Jupiter Plant. Lots of surprises along the way, even one that isn't the usual "nasty, wanting to kill me" type of surprises.
Table of contentPart 31
We finish up at Jupiter Plant, and find confirmation that there is a way into Pripyat!
Table of contentPart 32
I spend some time with the eggheads at Jupiter, but they don't make much sense. However, we are sent out to test a hypothesis for Ozersky - that measurements, mutants and anomalies makes for good science. Or something. Also, bodies fall from the skies!
Table of contentPart 33
I head off to Zaton to find some new guards for the scientists, buy a new suit and start to make preparations for the trip to Pripyat. After a drinking contest with Zulu, I start to recruit some additional help as well.
Table of contentPart 34
I manage to recruit one more member and make the final preparations for the journey to Pripyat. And apparently there are achievements for that.
Table of contentPart 35
Mutants, anomalies, poison gas and Monolith - what's not to like about the Pripyat Underpass?
Table of contentPart 36
Mutants, anomalies, poison gas and Monolith... what could possibly make me enjoy the Pripyat Underpass even more? Zombies, that's what!
Table of contentPart 37
We've made it to Pripyat, and try to locate the unidentified weapon that was apparently used to shoot down some of the helicopters. Lots of shooting and holy powers of the Monolith.
Table of contentPart 38
In this episode, Vano, Sokolov and yours truly try to deal with more of the Monolith fanatics. I also track down more tools for both Nitro and Cardan, and finally - quite unexpectedly - run into Zulu and his merry men... actually, they're Snorks. Merry Snorks.
Table of contentPart 39
I deliver tools to both Nitro and Cardan, and it turns out that Cardan has something interesting to say about the unidentified weapon - at least if he could stay awake.
Table of contentPart 40
Trying to find the entrance to the secret X8 lab, we fight our way through zombies and... other dangers. Props - not to Serbin - but Barchuk, for fixing the elevator!
Table of contentPart 41
We head into the X8 lab, which turns out to be a huge mistake. I thought two Burers was as bad as it could get, but X8 proves me wrong!
Table of contentPart 42
In this episode we check out the local kindergarten in search of missing soldiers, and a famous stalker pays us a visit at the Laundromat.
Table of contentPart 43
We try to make it out alive of Pripyat, as we're fighting more zombies and Monolith in the final evacuation. Spoiler: some are left behind! Also: cutscene and some final Words from me about the ending and the game in general.
Table of contentPart 44
Not sure if it's shameless or shameful, but self-promotion and bloopers is featured in this final episode.

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