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This section contains information about all the animals and mutants that appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.
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Blind DogBack to top
Blind Dog (Click to view large version)
Blind Dog
Blind Dog, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Blind Dog, screenshot
Several generations of the dog species have lived and died since the catastrophe. Each was more affected by the Zone than the previous one. Rapid mutation lead to a vast improvement in previously peripheral abilities, frequently at the expense of primary ones. The most notable biological change was the loss of sight, paired with an uncanny development of smell. As it turned out, blind cubs survived in the Zone as well as normal ones, if not better. As a result, the common dog quickly became extinct in the Zone, giving way to a new breed - that of blind dogs. The animals instinctively identify and avoid anomalies, radiation, and other invisible dangers that plague the Zone. Like their wild ancestors - the wolves - blind dogs hunt in packs. An encounter with a large group of these animals can be dangerous even to an experienced and well-armed stalker.
While Blind Dogs are not the most formidable foes, a pack is sure to give any stalker a bad day.
Common in the open spaces of outside areas, and you may also encounter Blind Dogs inside of X8.
BloodsuckerBack to top
Bloodsucker (Click to view large version)
Bloodsucker, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Bloodsucker, screenshot
Experienced stalkers describe this semi-legendary beast as a tall, hunched humanoid with a mess of tentacles where its mouth should be. According to those who saw it and lived to tell the tale, the creature uses its tentacles to cling to the victim's throat, paralyze it, and suck it dry of blood. A dry, mummified shell is all that's left of what used to be a living human being. The most astounding feature of the bloodsucker, however, is its ability to become invisible. Countless dead or missing stalkers are said to have perished in the merciless grip of a bloodsucker. The lucky few who have survived an encounter tell spine-chilling tales of marshes and subterranean areas haunted by the Zone's version of Count Dracula.
Elder bloodsucker (Click to view large version)
Elder bloodsucker
Swamp/Marsh bloodsucker (Click to view large version)
Swamp/Marsh bloodsucker
As you'll experience soon enough, there are different "types" of bloodsuckers. The youngest ones appear with a more distinct brown color while swamp or marsh bloodsuckers, prevalent at swamps in northern Jupiter, have more of a grey tint. Older bloodsuckers are dark grey in color, and are probably tougher than the other types, being able to soak up more damage before going down. Bloodsuckers have a particular nasty attack where they grab you and literally suck the blood out of you, draining your health - all while you are completely immobilized.
Bloodsuckers roam free in all outside areas in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat and you'll get to see a lair of them in the basement underneath the Krug Antenna Complex in Zaton.
BoarBack to top
Boar (Click to view large version)
Boar, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Boar, screenshot
A massive, mutated animal, reaching 1.5 meters at the shoulder. The Zone boar's aggressiveness and ability to survive surpass by far those of its relatives outside the contaminated area. Radiation and anomalies left their mark on the physical appearance of the animal as well: its fur is entirely gone in some places, and long and bristly in others. The hooves have evolved into sturdy, sharp claws, the pupils became colorless, and the boar's bald head is marred by pigmentation disorders and deep wrinkles. Zone boars are quite resistant to radiation and can stay in heavily contaminated areas for longer periods of time. They usually charge at their victims, trying to knock them over and then rip them to shreds.
Found in outside area and are common in Jupiter, Pripyat and Zaton.
BurerBack to top
Burer (Click to view large version)
Burer, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Burer, screenshot
The result of secret service genetic experiments on criminals under the program of human telekinetic abilities development. A humanoid-type creature of hypertrophied complexion clad in shreds of shabby overalls. Afraid of bright light, therefore dwells in dark and gloomy undergrounds and caves only. Feeds on dead bodies.

These dwarf-like creatures have telekinetic powers, able to hurl objects at you and pull items out of your hands. They also have a powerful crushing attack, and they can drain your energy to the point where you can't even walk. They can also create some sort of magnetic field around themselves which shields them from any physical harm. While a lone Burer often isn't a real challenge, encountering a group of these creatures can be a frustrating and dangerous affair.
You can encounter these creatures inside the Eastern Tunnel in Jupiter. You'll also see more than enough of them inside X8.

ChimeraBack to top
Chimera (Click to view large version)
Chimera, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Chimera, screenshot
Just like the creatures of popular mythology, a Chimeras most noticeable feature is its two heads. Chimeras are nocturnal creatures preferring to hunt at night. They are quite large and muscular, and feature powerful legs that allows them to leap long distances. This is especially useful when they're out hunting, enabling them to close in on their prey or finish it off with a final sweep from its sizeable claws. It is uncertain how chimeras came to be, but it is very likely that several generations of mutations has led to its current form.
This is considered the most powerful mutant in the game. It is not nearly as tough as the Pseudogiant, but it is a lot more formidable foe as it's harder to hit, alot faster, and does considerable damage with its attacks.
You'll encounter a chimera in both Zaton and Jupiter as part of two optional missions, Hunting the chimera and Night hunt respectively. I believe that once you have completed them, chimeras may start to randomly appear in both areas.
ControllerBack to top
Controller (Click to view large version)
Controller, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Controller, screenshot
A rare mutant seen near to the center of the Zone. Bears a superficial resemblance of a humanoid with a disproportionately big head. Possesses a good perception, and an ability to control the behaviour of less developed creatures. Mature specimen are capable of taking control over human's head. This is a ferocious enemy, and even the most experienced stalkers are afraid of meeting it.
Controller vs. Bandits (Click to view large version)
Video Controller vs. Bandits
Controller ranged attack (Click to view large version)
Controller ranged attack
The Controller is a pretty rare opponent in the earlier stages of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, you're likely to first encounter it once you've begun to work for the scientists in Jupiter. Controllers have several attacks at their disposal. Their primary one is a ranged attack that not only drains health but also disorients you, leaving you vulnerable to follow-up attacks. The second one is a passive psy-emission that will affect you if you get too close to the Controller; it drains your health if you don't have sufficient psy-protection. The final attack is close-range and a last resort, so to speak, where the Controller will strike you with its large claw-like hands, an attack that deals alot of damage.

While the Controller can be a fearsome enemy the first couple of times you fight them, they are not quite as dangerous to other humans, as they appear only to rely on their claws and passive psy-emissions when fighting them. You can see this in the video on the right side; the first bandit is caught by friendly fire and clawed to death, whereas the second one succumbs to the psy-emissions and is finished off with another slash; the third bandit has more luck as the Controller has taken a severe pounding while chasing the bandits and is dropped by a couple of shotgun shells.

If you love exploration there is a good chance you'll meet a Controller in Zaton, inside the "dangerous cave" north-east of the Burnt Farmstead. You'll also encounter a Controller during an optional mission that is given out by Professor Hermann. The mission takes place at the tunnel in the north-western part of Jupiter and once you've completed it, Controllers become quite frequent in this area.
CrowBack to top
Crow, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Crow, screenshot
The only bird species to have survived in the Zone, enduring increased radiation levels and effectively avoiding anomalies. While the army pilots need to rely on complex detectors to avoid gravitational disturbances, the crow seems to rely on its own senses for that - a mystery that drives ornithologists and biologists mad. Various theories attempting to explain the phenomenon exist, all of them pointing to a highly specialized development of the bird's brain.
While radiation may not have harmed this bird, an emission is still too much for it and after such an event you can often find dead crows all over. You can actually shoot crows out of the air, but I'm not impressed; you still cannot use them for an improvised meal! Wink!
You can witness crows in all outside areas.
Fire PoltergeistBack to top
Fire Poltergeist (Click to view large version)
Fire Poltergeist
Fire Poltergeist, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Fire Poltergeist, screenshot
It is uncertain what type of creature the Fire Poltergeist really is, but it has been established that it certainly is a sentient and intelligent being. While it apparently cannot see or hear, it is still able to detect movement in a large area around it; it seems like this creature is attracted to fire as it can often be encountered in or near some of the larger fire-based anomaly fields in the Zone. It has an inherent ability to control fire, and will often summon and shoot columns of flame when defending its territory against intruders; although it doesn't appear overly aggressive, most stalkers simply avoid this mutant to prevent any unnecessary confrontation.
You'll often encounter a Fire Poltergeist at the Circus Anomaly in the south of Zaton.
FleshBack to top
Flesh (Click to view large version)
Flesh, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Flesh, screenshot
Like most other living creatures in the Zone, the domestic pig also underwent serious biological changes since the day of the catastrophe. It seems the genes responsible for metabolism were especially affected in this case. Mutant pigs, known simply as Flesh among the stalkers, are one of the most vivid examples of the Zone's disastrous perversion of nature. Mutant pigs developed a protective layer of scales and exoskeletal plates. Their regeneration potential increased several times, as did the complexity of their nervous system. Just like a normal pig, a Flesh is an omnivore and may attack a stalker if hungry.
The Flesh is one of the least aggressive mutants and may often choose to run away when confronted. However, as the description indicates, they will not hesitate to attack if provoked or sufficiently hungry.
Plenty of Fleshes roam the outside areas in Zaton and Jupiter.
HamsterBack to top
Hamster (Click to view large version)
Hamster, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Hamster, screenshot
These mutated rodents - nicknamed "hamsters" - are vicious little creatures that often hunt in packs. While they are easily killed, their sheer number can be overwhelming to anyone caught by suprise. They are essentially bipeds, but may choose to walk on all four legs when undisturbed or resting, changing to a bipedal stance when they hunt, providing them with a greater field of vision, improved speed and the ability to use their front claws to attack the unfortunate prey. They are quite small in size which is why many stalkers carry shotguns in case they stumble upon Hamsters.
On the Zone Survival Guide - Shadow of Chernobyl you'll see this mutant referred to as a Rodent.
The Hamster seems to be dominant in the outside areas of Jupiter and Pripyat.
PoltergeistBack to top
Poltergeist (Click to view large version)
Poltergeist, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Poltergeist, screenshot
Supernatural in the eyes of some, invisible creatures haunting the deeper reaches of the Zone, usually haunting old, abandoned buildings. Nothing is known about their origin, although rumors in circulation claim they are spirits of stalkers hit by a massive wave of radiation. Their mysterious appearances and disappearances seem to correspond to the poltergeist legend, hence the same name. Known encounters with poltergeists are quire diverse in fact: from mischievous laughter and blood-chilling howling, to deadly fireballs appearing out of nowhere. Unfortunately, all information about the poltergeist phenomenon originates from unclear and contradictory stories of questionable validity.
Killing this Poltergeist will simply make it "explode" and vanish.
You'll often encounter a Poltergeist at the Iron Forest Anomaly in south-western Zaton. There are also a number of these creatures inside the Kindergarten in Pripyat. You may also encounter a Poltergeist inside X8.
PseudodogBack to top
Pseudodog (Click to view large version)
Pseudodog, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Pseudodog, screenshot
The Pseudodog is a common mutant in the Zone. While they often travel in packs, along with Blind Dogs, they are stronger and more vicious, and thus inspire greater respect among stalkers. They have piercing, white eyes - almost as if glowing - and they feature large jaws full of sharp teeth. They often throw themselves at their prey without regard to their own safety.
The Pseudodog is alot more dangerous than the average Blind Dog on its own since the Pseudodog is stronger, more vicious and aggressive, and does more damage with its attacks.

Mature Pseudodog (Click to view large version)
Mature Pseudodog
Mature Pseudodog, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Mature Pseudodog, screenshot
The mature Pseudodog, recognizable by its white fur, has two important additions to this; first off it has a psychic attack that, while not immediately dangerous, can blur your vision for a short while. Second - and far worse - the mature Pseudodog has the ability to summon ghost-like "Pseudodogs" that will also attack you, but simply disappear if you shoot them; these look quite similar to their mature Pseudodogs, so locating the real one can be quite tricky. These things combined obviously makes a mature Pseudodog a much more fearsome opponent than a younger one.

If you visit Noah at the Old Barge in Zaton you'll get a chance to meet a domesticated Pseudodog called Lassie Smile!.
You can come across Pseudodogs in all areas, ie. Jupiter, Pripyat, and Zaton. You'll likely encounter at least one mature Pseudodog at Jupiter Plant, inside the workshop where Stingray 4 crashed.

PseudogiantBack to top
Pseudogiant (Click to view large version)
Pseudogiant, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Pseudogiant, screenshot
The pseudogiant resembles a massive, drop-shaped abdomen with a pair of disproportionately large limbs. The limbs are arms and legs at the same time. The creature uses them to move around and grab its victim. An adult pseudogiant can weigh up to two tons and stand 2 meters tall. Their clumsy appearance might be deceiving, since they can move very rapidly if needed. Their muscles are exceptionally powerful and their bones are as hard as steel. The creature's brain is protected by a sturdy (up to 10 centimeters thick) skull, while many complex functions are controlled by the spinal medualla. Another astonoshing feature of the beast is its ability to create local shock waves, which damage all living things in the vicinity.
While they are not considered the most powerful mutant in the game, they are the toughest by far. The can easily soak up hundreds of bullets without as much as flinching. The Pseudogiant is also one the few mutants that emits radiation although if you're close enough to realize this, radiation is likely not your primary concern.
You'll enocunter a Pseudogiant inside the Testing Workshop in Zaton and eventually you may also encounter them roaming free in Jupiter.
SnorkBack to top
Snork (Click to view large version)
Snork, screenshot (Click to view large version)
Snork, screenshot
It seems these creatures were human at some point, though it is difficult to imagine what conditions could turn a human being into such a disgusting beast. Snorks are insane creatures leading a beast's life and differing little from other carnivorous monsters in the Zone. They move on all fours in long jumps, constantly sniffing the ground in hope of picking up the scent of prey. They hunt carefully, in a calculated manner, frequently setting up ambushes. Thanks to its uncanny reflexes and powerful muscles, the snork can approach the victim, pin it down in one long, accurate jump, and tear it to shreds in a matter of seconds. Strips of army uniforms and other clothing are occasionally found on their bodies. It stands to reason that they are all that's left of missing military stalkers.
This is one of the creepier mutants, and one of my favorite ones as well, mainly because it resembles a mutated human being wearing a gas mask. I love that. The Snork is the result of a contest, entitled the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Monster Ball, issued by GSC Game World for the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, where you had the opportunity to design a mutant for the game; the Snork, done by Sveta, was the worthy winner of that competition.
This mutant is pretty common as you can encounter it in Jupiter, Zaton and Pripyat, and you'll also see them inside of X8.

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